We select a team for each order individually, in order to fully meet the requirements of our client and the specifics of work.

What We Do

We format an individual strategy taking into account current political and geopolitical market conditions and their possible changes. Every day we monitor changes in the markets, new laws are introduced and we respond instantly, which allows us to protect the interests of customers in a timely manner. Read More

Analysis of reputation, reasons of negative reputation and reputation risks, adverse media and fake news. Strategies for building a positive reputation, etc. Read More

We are looking for proof of innocence of customers. Political prosecution, settlement in a judicial and pre-trial order and protection of honor and dignity. We are developing an individual strategy with unique tools for each client, depending on his situation, the country who wants to return him, his reputation, citizenship, etc. We lead the client throughout the process, observing the deadlines for appealing extradition decisions, the ability to bail, respect for human rights and passing a positive verdict. Read More

Our multi-disciplinary team of forensic accountants, investigators, data analysts and forensic technology experts work to uncover the facts behind whistleblowing allegations, asset concealment, employee negligence, white-collar crime, intellectual property theft, and bribery & corruption.

Preventing an unwanted event is always easier, faster, and cheaper. Therefore, some of our customers prefer to work ahead of the curve. For example, to find assets withdrawn from company accounts to the personal accounts of the director or partner. Read More

SDK Group advises on international disputes and arbitration. From high-profile transactions to regulatory issues and complex litigation, our lawyers harness their knowledge across multiple legal disciplines to provide a holistic perspective for sophisticated matters. Read More

We advise clients throughout the business life cycle, including on issues such as legal and financial literacy, risk reduction and political issues. Our offer is unique, and at every stage we help companies to avoid bad consequences.Read More

How We Work

We use public information, non-public information, documents that are not fully accessible or accessible only with authorized access. We also have experience in finding hidden information and identifying fake information.

Customer privacy is paramount. We strive not to jeopardize our reputation or the reputation of our client.

We adhere to all applicable laws in the countries in which we operate.

Our Clients

Managing exposure to sanctions-related risk is more complex than developing lists of majority owned subsidiaries, but no less significant. A sound risk control framework requires the ability to identify customers or counterparties that are materially associated this sanctioned actors.

SDK Group supports  KYC, investigations, and  escalations.

For multinational corporates we have a wide range of services.

We help to carry out their activities by predicting and preventing problems in order to avoid being drawn into scandals and not to disrupt the work process.

Also we help your to identify where your clients, vendors, distributes and partners are involved with sanctioned actors or jurisdictions.

In additional, SDK Group is an important element of your KYC process for new and existing clients to avoid unforeseen reputational or regulatory consequences.

Government agencies often order Due Diligence services from us. For example, when you need to find out the real information of a person who is applying for citizenship or residence. The origin of his capital. We learn everything about him from childhood, including his relatives. It is also necessary when conducting money laundering investigations or when a goverment or court wants to understand whether a person is being persecuted for political reasons.

High net worth Individuals, businessmen, politicians, officials, etc

Leading law firms use SDK Group in the course of advising clients on economic sanctions, AML, export control, and trade matters. When your clients need clarity on their possible exposure to sanctioned actors and their related parties, SDK Group provides unparalleled confidence and cost efficiency.

SDK Group also helps law firms manage their own sanctions-related and reputational risk. Get alerted if a prospective or existing client is part of network of sanctioned actors. Merging or acquiring another firm or practice group?  Quickly screen all new clients to surface any sanctions-related nexus that may fall outside your risk profile.

When underwriting coverage, investigating claims, or managing agents and distribution partners, surfacing undisclosed links to sanctioned actors and jurisdictions in a timely and efficient manner is key.

With SDK Group, you have access to the most comprehensive data and advanced analytics on parties associated with sanctioned actors and jurisdictions. Be confident that you can identify and assess how the application of sanctions against major economies, companies, industries, and state-owned entities may impact your firm, clients and deals.

When conducting due diligence on potential investments and partners, use SDK Group  to surface and thoroughly understand sanctions-related exposure  to your portfolios.

If your clients rely on you to establish or review risk control frameworks, conduct refresh or look-back projects, provide due diligence support, or manage PR and reputational risk, SDK Group is your comprehensive solution for sanctions-related risk. Keep your sanctions experts on the cutting edge with the SDK Group.

Contact us to learn how your clients are using SDK Group, and how you can use SDK Group in your client engagements.